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  1828-1906        1837-1918       1841-1913       1846-1917       1850-1923

                            Sons of Isham Wallace and Nancy Furr


This site is dedicated to the descendants of Everet Wallace (c1770-c1845) of Moore County, NC and contains thousands of related and allied families who lived in northern Moore County.

Most likely if you descend from a Wallace, Maness, Williams, Garner, Brown, Davis, Ritter, Moore, Britt, Kennedy, Williamson, Stutts, Morgan, Cagle, Brewer, Smith, Hussey, Richardson, Cockman, Melton, Sheffield, Bean, Sullivan, Stewart, Seawell, Freeman, Sanders, Cole, McNeill, Yow, Deaton, Shields, Dunn, Caddell, Hunsucker, Horner, Allen, Dunlap, Purvis, Furr, Hare, Key, Shamburger, etc. - your ancestors can be found on this site.

I hope you will take a look at this website and possibly find a connection. My grandfather, Mallie Wallace, loved his family and all of the stories about them. Growing up we would spend hours listening to the stories that had been passed down to him and the ones he had lived himself. Over 30 years ago, he and I started writing it all down and began formally researching the Wallaces and other Moore County families. He passed away in 2002 at 92 years old but will live on forever in our hearts and memories.

The website includes over 45000 individuals, over 1600 original documents, 2100 tombstone photographs, 1000 family photographs, 700 DNA tests and a map of 1900 Land Grants encompassing over 400 square miles of territory in northern Moore County.

I've gone to great pains to insure that the data on this website is as accurate as possible. Please feel free to contact me if you find an inaccuracy or just have a question. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you find something on this site that can help you in your own research. Don't forget to bookmark the site as I continue to update and add new information daily.

Morgan Jackson

Wallace Family History

Timeline  Wallace Timeline Records of Wallaces in Moore County, NC 1788-1900.

DNA project  Wallace DNA Project  Male Wallace descendants can connect via our DNA Project.

Everet Wallace Everet Wallace The progenitor of the Wallaces of Moore County, NC.

Beyond Everet Beyond Everet Who were Everet's parents; where did he come from?

Isham Wallace  Isham Wallace Son of Everet and one of the most widely held ancestors in northern Moore County.

Emsley Wallace  Emsley Wallace Grandson of Everet, son of Isham and spinner of legendary tales.

Mallie Wallace  Mallie Wallace Grandson of Emsley, son of Lucian and the last of the "Old Wallaces".



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Moore County, NC Research Documents

Book Cover  Families of Northern Moore County: Abstract of Miscellaneous and Rare Records Volume I 1746-1830 Thousands of abstracted records from the first 85 years of recorded history beginning in 1746 including several hundred images and hard to find maps. A full name index includes over 5,000 individuals and over 750 place names.

Map  Old Maps of Moore County Over 50 original and hard to find maps from 1770-1930s.

Timeline  Selected Family Timelines  Records of Brewer, Britt, Caddell, Cagle, Cockman, Dunn, Furr, Hunsucker, Maness, Melton, Morgan, Richardson, Ritter, Sheffield, Smith, Wallace and Williams families in early Moore County, NC.

Petition  Early Petitions  Petitions with references to early residents of Moore, Montgomery, Randolph and Chatham including many original signatures and marks (X).

Pioneer  Migrations Southward and westward migrations of over 300 Moore County, NC pioneers and families.

DNA  DNA Tests Over 700 tests linked to individual family members.

DNA  Moore County DNA Project DNA Results and Analysis for Moore County families including Allen, Barrett, Bean, Brewer, Britt, Brown, Caddell, Cagle, Carpenter, Chriscoe, Cockman, Cole, Davis, Deaton, Dunn, Furr, Hardin, Hare, Horner, Hunsucker, Jackson, Kennedy, Key, Maness, McIntosh, McNeill, Melton, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Muse, Nall, Phillips, Richardson, Ritter, Sanders, Seawell, Sheffield, Smith, Stewart, Stutts, Sullivan, Wallace, Williams and Williamson.

Marriage Early Marriage Records of Moore County, NC Original Marriage Records for Moore [1785, 1787, 1851-1867].

Tax Early Original Tax Records Tax lists for Cumberland [1755, 1767, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1783], Moore [1793, 1795, 1797, 1807-1808, 1815, 1818-1823, 1844-1849, 1851-1857] and Montgomery [1782].

Land grants 1750-1800 Land Grant Map Maps of northern Moore County's earliest Land Grants by decade.

Index to grants  Interactive Map of Moore County, NC Land Grant Records Currently only viewable in IE.

Land grants Moore County, NC Land Grant Records Listing of over 1900 northern Moore County Land Grants.

Index to grants  Key and Index to Moore County, NC Land Grant Records Thousands of references to northern Moore County families.

CSA Moore County, NC Civil War Roster Confederate soldiers from Moore County including Name, Company and Regiment from USGENWEB.