Samuel Stuart

Male 1714 - 1824  (110 years)

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  • Name Samuel Stuart 
    Born 1714  Ireland ? Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Census 1790  Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Census 1800  Moore County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Census 1810  Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died 1824  Anderson County, SC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • 1787, Sep 11 -- Deed Book D Page 579-580, Chatham County, NC
      Samuel Stuart deeded Jacob Cashat 350 acres located on Pine Hill Creek of Cane Creek. Edward Stuart and James Woolason were witnesses.

      1790 -- Census, Chatham County, NC Page 233
      Saml. Stewart
      (16+) 4M
      (0-16) 1M
      (all ages) 2F

      1800 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 52
      Samuel Stuart
      (45+) 1M 1F
      (10-16) 1F

      1801, Feb 11 -- Deed Book L Page 232-233, Chatham County, NC
      Samuel Stuart (of Moore County) deeded Abraham Lane 120 acres located on Little Brush Creek adjoining Andrew Jones and William Graves. John Dabney, John Rumsauer and Edwar Stuart were witnesses.

      1810 -- Census, Chatham County, NC Page 203
      Saml. Stewart
      (45+) 1M
      (26-45) 1M 1F
      (16-26) 1M
      (10-16) 2M 1F
      (0-10) 2M 2F

      1820 -- Census, Pendleton District, SC Page 169
      James Stewart
      (45+) 2M 2F
      (16-26) 2M
      (16-18) 1M
      (10-16) 1M 1F

      Information below provided by Tom Stewart, who received it from a fellow Stewart researcher.


      In the year, 1859, Edward "Ned" Stuart, grandson of this Samuel Stuart, wrote his family history which he called the HISTORY OF THE STUARTS. Edward "Ned" Stuart was a school teacher, in Moore and Chatham Counties, North Carolina for over forty years. He was 59 years old when he wrote his family history. The following is from that family history.

      "My paternal grandfather, Samuel Stuart, with his wife, whose maiden name was Jane Dickey, emigrated to this country from Londonderry, Ireland, something more than a century ago (i.e. before 1759). They came to this country man and wife, though I believe all their children were born in this country. They had a number of children I will give their names so that their, descendants may be able to claim relation with each other, as they are widely scattered. I remember seeing him (Ed., must have meant his grandfather, and Ned was born in 1800) and regret very much that he did not live until I was old enough to enquire of him. He was for the time, very intelligent; something more of the ancestors; He was of the Scotch Irish race; he lived to be over a hundred years old."

      In 1906, Q. A. Oats, Methodist Preacher, in Mississippi, and great-grandson of Samuel Stuart, wrote the following in a letter, to his cousin. "Your great grandfather, Stuart, and mine, was born in Londonderry, Ireland. He was Scotch, as were his parents. The name Stuart is derived from the line of Scotch kings. Alderman Frenchman was Steward to King David, of Scotland and got his name. He married the King's daughter, and their descendants were called Stuarts. The branch of the family we descended from, fled to Ireland when King William, of Orange conquered Scotland. Our great grandfather was Samuel Stuart. He married Jane Dickey. They came to this country with the Puritans,--from there to Virginia, from there to the Scotch settlement in Chatham County, North Carolina;, finally settled in Moore County," (Ed note: I do not know how much of this was fact and how much was legend that had been handed down to him.)

      Another family history from Samuel Stuart's granddaughter, Nancy Violet Stuart, stated that Samuel Stuart was from the Royal House of Scotland and England and that he emigrated from Scotland when the Kingdoms of England and Scotland combined. (Ed note: I believe this should have been stated that he emigrated after the kingdoms combined, because he was born about 1714 and that was about the time the two kingdoms combined. It might have been our Samuel Stuart's father that left Scotland and went to Ireland about 1714.

      From the above histories we conclude that Samuel Stuart must have emigrated about 1750, Where he landed in America is not known, but it probably was Philadelphia and then he moved to Orange County, North Carolina,


      Samuel Stuart probably stayed in the Pennsylvania a short period of time, before moving to North Carolina, He could have moved to North Carolina with the Lindleys, Hollingsworths and Harlans, "These families resided in the Kennet township of Chester County, Pennsylvania, until about the year 1753, when in company with others they all moved to Chatham County(then Orange County), North Carolina, and settled on "Cane Creek"." This information was obtained from the book. THE HARLAN FAMILY, by Alpheus H. Harlan.

      The earliest Tax List of Orange County, North Carolina to survive until today is the 1755 List and it contains the names of SAMUEL STUART, John Stuart and James Stuart among others. I believe that James and John Stuart were close relatives of our Samuel Stuart. The Orange County, North Carolina Court Minutes of March 1758 mentions a Samuel Stuart as Keeper of the Goal(Jail). A part of Orange County, NC in 1770 became Chatham County.

      Mr. William D, Bennett of Raleigh, NC, while doing research for Mr. Milton Stewart of Cornelia, GA in 1982 located the following grants in the Secretary of State Papers from Orange County, NC:

      6 May 1756 - Entry - John Stewart - 640 acres on south side of Haw River on Robinsons Creek.
      1 Aug 1756 - Entry - John Stewart - 640 acres on south side of Haw River adjoining William Marsh.
      23 Nov 1761- Entry '" James Stewart Jr. by John Stewart on Robesons Creek waters of Haw River adjoining William Petty's line.
      13 Dec 1762- SAMUEL STEWART - 700 acres on Terrells Creek of Haw River - including his improvements.
      22 Oct 1763- Entry - John Stewart - 206 acres on waters of Haw River adjoining William Marsh and Markis.

      (From STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE of August 1948). Samuel Stuart was living in Orange County. NC, on Jun 1, 1766, when Hugh Linon of that county made his will and appointed "my friends Samuel Stuart and William Lindsay" executors. Linon bequeathed to Stuart. "my slave Hannah until she is 18." Linon, who was from Ireland, owned land on Pine Hill Creek, a small stream flowing into Cane Creek, and when Chatham County was set off from Orange in 1770 most of Pine Hill Creek went with it.

      Samuel Stuart, of Chatham County, NC, bought Feb 8, 1777 of Matthew Fike 150 acres of land "beginning at an ash on the river bank" and the witnesses to the deed were Argulas Henderson and George Stuart. This was in Chatham County, and when Samuel Stuart sold this land July 31, 1784 to Charles Morgan, Sr., the witnesses to the deed were Joseph Morgan and John Stuart. Samuel Stuart was granted Mar 3, 1779, 272 acres and also 578 acres on both sides of Pine Hill Creek in Chatham County, NC. Samuel was called "weaver" when he deeded 50 acres of the above land to William Neblett, weaver, on April 22, 1780. Samuel deeded Aug 1, 1785, to Joseph Hadley 384 acres on Pine Hill Creek, adjoining John Pyle. The witnesses to this deed were Aaron Harlan and James Stuart. Samuel was granted Oct 3, 1782, 100 acres of land on the branches of Love's Creek, waters of Rocky River, and was designated "weaver" when he sold this tract Feb 12, 1787 to John Lambert, planter: witnesses, Thomas Beaver and John Stuart. On Dec 21 1782, Samuel bought of Joseph Hadley 300 acres of land adjoining Timothy Terrell on Vernon's Creek on the waters of Deep River. Chatham County NC. The witnesses to the deed were Joshua Hadley and Adam Stuart. On May 6, 1785, Samuel Stuart, weaver, bought, of William George, planter, 52 acres on Terrell's Creek, waters of Rocky River adjoining Hadley: witnesses, Aaron Harlan and Aaron Terrell. On Aug 9, 1787, Samuel was granted 100 acres on the head of Terrell's Creek, adjoining William George. On Sep 11, 1787, he deeded to Jacob Cohat 350 acres of land on both sides of Pine Hill Creek which had been granted to him. The witnesses to his signature (always Sal Stuart) were Edward Stuart and James Woolason. That makes five other Stuarts who have signed as witnesses - George, Adam, John, James and Edward.

      The census of 1790 showed one Samuel Stewart was head of a family in Chatham County, NC, he had apparently, a wife, 3 sons over 16, one son under 16, and a daughter and five slaves. He lived in a Quaker neighborhood but was probably not a Quaker. One Samuel Stuart, probably the same, bought Sep 9, 1791, of William Hardin of Moore County, NC, 640 acres of land on the waters of Little Brush Creek, adjoining Thompson and Greaves, in Chatham County, NC and the witnesses to the deed were Jacob Teague and Samuel Stuart, Jr. There were many more deeds, and one in 1801 referred to Samuel Stuart as "of Moore County, NC" (End of article from STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE).

      Again quoting Mr. William D. Bennett, professional researcher of Raleigh, NC: "It is to believe that Samuel Stuart is the one who entered land on Terrells Creek in 1762. This is on the northeast side of Haw River about opposite Terrells Creek. With the closing of the Granville Land Office in Mar 1763 following the death of Lord Granville, it is very probable no grant was issued for this tract. From then until 1778 it was impossible to obtain title to vacant land in this area (the Granville Tract).

      Today Pine Hill and Cane Creeks are in the southwestern corner of Alamance County For a better understanding of the deeds, the term "on the waters of" meant that the land was drained by that particular stream but was not bounded by the stream. Samuel seems to have speculated in land, which was very common at this period. His land purchases extend from one side of Chatham to the other. Brush Creek is on the western edge of Chatham and flows into Randolph County before emptying into Deep River. I presume Bloody Creek is present day Bloodrun Creek.


      The Abstracts of Court Minutes of the Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Chatham County. NC taken from the NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL mentions Samuel Stuart several times. These minutes cover the period from May 1774 to May 1778. Samuel Stewart, overseer of road from the Great Branch of Dry Creek to the Orange County. NC line (May 1774). Samuel Stewart?Grand Jury duty?Orphans, Sarah Jones, 14, and Jemimah Jones, 8 bound to Samuel Stewart (Aug 1774). Esquires present?Samuel Stewart. Samuel Stewart overseer of road from Terrell's Creek to Blasingame's Branch. Esquires Justices: Samuel Stewart. Processioners in Capt. Harper's District: Samuel Stewart and Jeduthan Harper (May 1775). Esquires present?Samuel Stewart & Balaam Thompson (Aug 1775). Court ordered that Samuel Stewart have leave to turn the publick road a small distance round his plantation (May 1776). Court ordered that Martin Crutchfield be appointed overseer of the road in room of Samuel Stewart (Aug 1777). End of Court Minutes.

      The Federal Census of 1800 shows Samuel Stuart living in Moore County, NC which is .located adjacent to Chatham County In the 1800 Census. Samuel is listed as being born before 1755 as is his wife and another female born between 1774 and 1784 is living with them. His son, Samuel Stewart, Jr. is listed in Chatham County, NC and was born between 1755 and 1774. The Federal Census of 1810 of North Carolina does not list Samuel Stuart, Sr., but does list his son, Samuel Stuart, Jr. still living in Chatham County, NC and shows a male born before 1765 living with Samuel Jr. My guess is that Samuel Stuart Sr.'s wife Jane (Dickey) Stuart, died between 1800 and 1810 and that old Samuel moved in with his son back in Chatham County, NC.

      We know from the Family History and by deeds in North Carolina and Georgia that Samuel Stuart, Jr. moved his family to Georgia in 1811 and I believe that Samuel Stuart Sr. went with him and stayed with another of his sons, James Stuart, in Anderson County, SC and remained there until he died circa 1824. As mentioned before we know he was at a wedding in South Carolina in 1814 and a letter written in 1906, by Q. A. Oats said that Samuel Stuart died in South Carolina. When his son, James Stuart died in Anderson County, SC in 1844, his obituary stated that he was buried next to his father who lived to be 96 and his father-in-law who lived to be 116. (I believe they were confused on these ages.)

      According to one Family History, Samuel Stuart lived to be 110 years of age and danced, at age 100, at the wedding of his granddaughter, Nancy Violet Stuart to Mathew Elias Cunningham, in South Carolina. Samuel Stuart lived to be more 100 according to the Family History written by Ned Stuart in 1859. Using the above information, Samuel Stuart was born circa 1714 in Ireland(?) and died circa 1824 in Anderson County, South Carolina and was buried there.


      Here is what the Family History, written in 1859 by Ed "Ned" Stuart had to say about the children of
      Samuel Stuart: "The oldest son, GEORGE was slain in the Revolution at what is called Pile's Hacking Match, in Orange County, NC. He died unmarried and left no children. The next, ADAM settled in Darlington District, SC. The third, JAMES settled in Georgia. EDWARD, my father, the fourth son, man of this history hereafter, and JOHN, the fifth son, also settled in Darlington District, SC. and SAM, the youngest, lived until his oldest children were grown, on Rocky River in Chatham County, NC, then moved to Georgia. They also brought up two daughters. BETTIE married a man by the name ?? Ed note: The history is torn and we do not have the name of the second daughter.

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    Family Jane Dickey,   d. Bef 1810 
     1. Female Stuart
    +2. Elizabeth Stuart,   b. 22 Oct 1755, Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Sep 1835, Perry County, AL Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years)
     3. George Stuart,   b. 1756, Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 25 Feb 1781, Revolutionary War, Pile's Hacking Match, Orange County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 25 years)
    +4. Adam Stuart,   b. Between 1760 and 1765, Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Between 1835 and 1840, Darlington District, SC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 75 years)
    +5. James Stuart,   b. 1765, Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1844, Anderson County, SC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years)
    +6. Edward Stuart,   b. 24 Jul 1767, Orange County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1830  (Age > 64 years)
     7. John Stuart,   b. 1769, Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location
    +8. Samuel Stuart, Jr.,   b. 1771, Chatham County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1 Jan 1812, Jones County, GA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 41 years)
    Stewart/Stuart Family History - Samuel Stuart and Jane Dickey
    Stewart/Stuart Family History - Samuel Stuart and Jane Dickey
    Much of the information comes from a 1859 paper written by Edward (Ned) Stewart, Jr.
    Family ID F1663  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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