Neill McIntosh

Male 1772 - 1846  (74 years)

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  • Name Neill McIntosh 
    Born 6 Jan 1772 
    Gender Male 
    Died 29 Jun 1846 
    Buried Moore County, NC at Old Scotch Graveyard Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Patriarch & Matriarch
    Alexander McIntosh,   d. 29 Dec 1809  (Father) 
    Mary  (Mother) 
    • 1792, Feb 21 -- 1784-1795 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 336
      Ordered that Thomas Ritter be appointed overseer of the road that leads by the Widow Muses and have the following hands to work: Wm. Dunn & hands, Saml. Dunn, John Upton, Jesse Upton, Edward Upton, Richd. Upton, Jno. Dannelly, John Atkinson, Thos. Muse, Saml. Elkins, Jacob Stutts, Jno. Ritter, Everet Ritter, Jesse Bean, John Sowell, Jno. Quimby, Jno. McCaskill, Alexr. McCaskill, Jno. Hargrove, Kenneth Murchison, Duncan McIntosh, Martin Martin, Neil McIntosh, Simon Rheubottom and Ezekl. Rheubottom.

      1795, Dec 9 -- Land Grant #927, Moore County, NC
      Neil McLeod received 60 acres located northwest of Richland Creek adjoining William Smith, John Martin, Nathan Smith, his own line and Kenneth Murchison. Neill McIntosh and Alexander McIntosh were chain carriers.

      1796, Aug 10 -- Land Grant #1457, Moore County, NC
      Christian McIntosh received 50 acres located east of Richland Creek adjoining Nathan Smith and including Neil McLeod's improvement. Neil McIntosh and Alexr. McIntosh were chain carriers.

      1798, Oct 3 -- Land Grant #1445, Moore County, NC
      Alexander McIntosh received 62 acres located east of Richland Creek adjoining Thos. Ritter, John Martin, McKinnon and Widow McIntosh. Neill McIntosh and Alexr. McIver were chain carriers.

      1798, Oct 8 -- Land Grant #1435, Moore County, NC
      Neil McLeod received 150 acres located on Richland Creek adjoining William Smith, Nathan Smith, John Martin, Christian McIntosh, his own line and Mucheson. Alex. McIntosh and Neil McIntosh were chain carriers.

      1810 -- Census, Moore County, NC page 624
      Neill McIntosh
      (26-45) 1M 1F
      (0-10) 3M 1F

      1810, Aug 18 -- Land Grant #2075, Moore County, NC
      Alexander McIntosh received 50 acres located on McCollums Branch and Locust Branch on both sides of the Waggon Road adjoining Jesse Ritter, Donald McQueen and Micajah Thomas. Neil McIntosh and John Rouse were chain carriers.

      1813, Nov 23 -- Land Grant #2260, Moore County, NC
      Alexander McIntosh received 100 acres located northwest of Richland Creek and Locust Branch adjoining William Dunn, Jesse Ritter, his own line and Donald McQueen. Allan Morison and Niel McIntosh were chain carriers.

      1815 -- Tax List, Moore County, NC
      Neill McIntosh listed 519 acres valued at $650

      1818-1823 -- Tax List, Moore County, NC
      Neill McIntosh listed 519 acres valued at $650

      1819, Feb 15 -- Record of Estates Book B, Moore County, NC Page 22-23
      Estate of Devotion Davis, Dec'd. by Elizabeth Davis, Administrator. Corn. Dowd, Neill McIntosh and Joel Lawhon appointed to lay off provision for Widow Elizabeth Davis. Jesse Muse was witness. Items were purchased by the following: Elizabeth Davis, Stephen Davis, John Handcock and James Garner.

      1822, Feb 2 -- Land Grant #2622, Moore County, NC
      Alexander McIntosh received 43 acres located South of Richland Creek adjoining own(Neill McLeod), Christian McIntosh, McKinnon, John Rouse. Neill McIntosh and Wm. J. McIntosh were chain carriers

      1824, Feb 20 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 30-31
      Deed from Stephen Davis to Neil MacIntosh was proven by John McIntosh

      1826, Apr 10 -- Land Grant #2715, Moore County, NC
      Alexander McIntosh received 50 acres located north of Richland Creek adjoining his own line, Duncan McIntosh and Bryant McDonald. Neill McIntosh and John J. McIntosh were chain carriers.

      1828, Jul 21 -- Land Grant #2789, Moore County, NC
      Daniel Muse received 200 acres located on Horsepen Branch of Richland Creek adjoining George Ritter, Abraham Stutts, James Dowdy and Duncan McIntosh. Neil McIntosh and Marvel Ritter were chain carriers.

      1828, Aug 22 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 231
      Deed from Asa Sowell to Neill McIntosh and John B. Kelly proven by Jas. H. Lewis

      1829, Nov 18 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 287
      Deed from Everet Shuffield to Neill McIntosh proven by James Dunlap

      1829, Nov 18 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 288
      Ordered that the following lay off 45 acres on McCallums Fork for Darcus Upton, widow of Richard Upton, Dec'd.: Joseph G. Moore, Neill McIntosh, John H. Freeman, Harbart Cole, Corn. Dowd, William Caddell, Isaac Smith, John Phillips, Demsy Sowell, Isham Sowell, Leazer Sowell and Quimby Sowell.

      1830 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 446
      Neill McIntosh
      (50-60) 1M
      (40-50) 1F
      (15-20) 2M 1F
      (10-15) 2M 1F
      (5-10) 1M 1F
      (0-5) 1M 1F
      (10-24) 2F

      1830, Feb 20 -- 1823-1831 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 304-305
      The 270 acres of land of George Moore, Dec'd. was partitioned and divided and his Widow Delila Moore received 90 acres located on Buffalo Creek adjoining John Ritter. The following commissioners were appointed: James Melton, Abner Brown, Jos. J. Person, Neill McIntosh, James Caveness, William Ritter, John McLeod, Jethro Denson, Andrew Yow, William Dannelly, Jeremiah Williams and Joseph G. Moore.

      1833, Jan 2 -- Deed Book 43 Page 395, Moore County, NC
      Neill McIntosh deeded Samuel McIntosh two tracts [1] 66.66 acres on Richland Creek near Campbell [2] 50 acres on Richland Creek adjoining Campbell and Nathan Smith. J.J. McIntosh and William McIntosh were witnesses.

      1840 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 188
      Neill McIntosh
      (60-70) 1M
      (50-60) 1F
      (20-30) 1M 1F
      (15-20) 2F
      (10-15) 1M
      (5-10) 1F
      (10-24) 4M 1F
      (0-10) 1F

      1845, Jan 31 -- 1844-1847 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Moore County, NC Page 127
      Ordered that Samuel Barrett be appointed overseer of the road from Bean's Bridge to the sassafras at McCaskills and have the following hands to work: Samuel McIntosh, John J. McIntosh, Samuel Barrett hands, James Ritter, Daniel Medlin, Benjamin Medlin, Alvin Smith, Miles Muse, Thomas Muse, John Muse, Franklin Muse, William Sowell, Alexr. McIntosh, George McIntosh, Neill McIntosh?s hands and Presley Caddell.

      1845, Jul 30 -- Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty, File R2400, William Cox
      Merrell Cox, [age 63] Moore County resident, applied for a pension for his deceased father, William Cox and deceased mother, Elizabeth Wadsworth. He stated that William Cox and Elizabeth Wadsworth were married in 1780 in Cumberland County, William Cox died in 1832 [age 80] and Elizabeth Cox died Jul 29, 1844 [age 85] leaving the following children: Merrell Cox, Nancy Cox who married Samuel Due, Manerva Cox, Margaret Cox who married Thomas Fry, Irvin Cox and Rody Cox who married Thomas B. Fry. Merrell Cox is the oldest surviving child - one child was born prior to him but died at 6 weeks old. On Sep 26, 1845, Mary Fry [age 81] of Moore County, NC testified that she was the sister of William Cox. Joseph Northern, resident of Davidson County, NC, testified that he served with Cox. On Sep 18, 1845, Elizabeth Caddell [age 78] stated that her husband William Caddell was a soldier and served under William Cox. William Caddell [age 45] testified on May 3, 1845 that his father served with William Cox. Neil McIntosh [age 68 as of May 3, 1845] Flora Black [age 79 as of Sep 18, 1845], Lavincy Sears [age 67 as of Jan 29, 1851], James B. Muse [age 66 as of Jan 18, 1851], James Fry [age 77 as of Jul 30, 1845] and Benjamin Phillips [age 58 as of Jul 30, 1845] also provided affidavits of support.

      1846, Jul 8 -- Obituary, The Weekly Standard [Raleigh, NC] Newspaper
      "At his residence in Moore County on the evening of the 30th ultimo [Jun 30], in the 75th year of his age, Neill McIntosh Sen. In his demise society has been deprived of an excellent citizen - his wife the best of husbands - his children of an affectionate father - and those having the good fortune to know him, of an endearing and unflinching fried. Well may it be said of him that a good man has gone to rest, leaving many a tearful eye to join his aged spouse and relations in weeping over a neighbor's grave."

      1846, Aug 15-Jan 28, 1847 -- Records of Estates Book E Page 164-177, 182-187, 204,252 Moore County, NC
      Estate of Neil McIntosh, Dec'd. by Administrator John J. McIntosh. Notes due on the following: William Stewart, Donald Street, Corn. Dunlap, Saml. J. Person, Jesse Bean, John Morison, John Tyson, Thomas B. Tyson, C. H. Dowd, Colin McIver, Alexr. Kelly, Quimby Sowell, John McLeod, Samuel C. Brewer, M. B. Person, William Hancock, John Coker, Jesse Hedgepeth, Jacob Stuts, William R. Sowell, Saml. McIntosh, R. M. McIntosh, D. N. R. McIntosh, Neill McNeill, Henry Arnold, Mary B. Sowell, Bryan Boroughs, Danl. McNeill, Alexr. McIntosh, Alex. C. Curry, Angus Curry, Duncan McIntosh, John B. Kelly, Duncan Murchison, Saml. J. Jackson, George D. Ritter, James Johnson, William Oldham, Michael Cockman, Henry Stuts, James Stuts, Duncan M. Kennedy, Duncan Black, William Cagle, Levi Wright, A. Stutts, Christopher Stutts, Jas. H. Muse, K. Morrison, John McNeill, Thomas Nalls, A. S. Moody, Daniel McNeill, Aaron Kennedy, John B. Kelly, Martin Sheffield, John Sheffield, Hiram Hill, A. Hunsucker, Wm. Dannielly, John Cockman, Isaac Smith, Dempsey Sowell, D. Street, Edmund Holland, Stephen Berryman, M. B. Curry, George McIntosh, Joel Sullivan, Wm. H. Muse, D. Muse, Lewis H. Ritter, A. J. Ritter, Elizabeth Davis, Angus B. Kelly, Angus McDonald, James Ray, Kenneth Black, Nevin Ray, Isabella McLauchlin, Jas. Riddle, Nathan Fry, Neill Peterson, A. Stutts, M. W. Boroughs, J. R. Cameron, P. Cameron, Benjamin Phillips, Lochart Fry, Susanna Muse, D. F. Muse, William Brown, John Brown, Jesse Sowell, Hugh Mathews, A. T. Sowell, Carrol Brady, Robert Taylor, L. B. Curry, William Danielly, Robert Melton, Neill McLeod, Saml. McDonald, Danl. McMillan, Jas. Melton, Charles C. Chalmers, Danl. McDonald, John Medlin, Lewis Lawhon, Isaac M. Sowell, John A. McLeod, Dr. F. Muse, Susanna Muse, John Patterson, James Dowdy, Benjamin Medlin, John Patterson, John J. Alston, Saml. Dunlap, James Dunlap, Leonard Hare, Isham Hare, Leonard Stuts, Daniel C. Kelly, Phillip Wilson, Neill Mathews, John Stafford, James Riddle, John R. Stricklin, Jesse Hannon, Murdock C. Smith, C. D. Smith, Smith Sullivan, Jas. Gaines, John Ritter, John Dunlap, Hiram Sheffield, Jno. Kennedy, John Muse, John M. Curry, Danl. Caddell, E. McIntosh, Everitt Sheffield, Thomas Hill, Green B. Fields, Isham Sowell, Swain Cox, George Williams, Jerry Williams and Duncan Black. Items were purchased by the following: George McIntosh, Quimby Sowell, Mary McIntosh [Widow], John Medlin, Samuel McIntosh, Neill McIntosh, George Hunsucker, Dempsey Sowell, William J. McIntosh, Green B. Fields, Duncan McIntosh [Taylor], Mathew Davis and William R. Sowell.
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    DNA Tests  22 DNA tests are associated with Neill McIntosh 

    Father Alexander McIntosh,   d. 29 Dec 1809 
    Mother Mary 
    Written by Alexander McIntosh in 1933
    Family ID F12449  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Mary Jackson,   b. 26 Aug 1787,   d. 29 May 1855  (Age 67 years)  [1
    • 1846, Dec 22 -- Notice, Fayetteville Weekly Observer [Fayetteville, NC] Newspaper
      Moore County, NC - Mary McIntosh v. John J. McIntosh and others, heirs at law of Neill McIntosh, Dec'd. Petition for dower. Appearing that Alexander McIntosh and William McIntosh, heirs of Neill McIntosh Dec'd., defendants, are not residents of the state. They are summoned to appear at the courthouse in Carthage on the fourth Monday in January.

      1850, Aug 24 -- Deed Book 43 Page 374, Moore County, NC
      Angus McCaskill and wife Mary deeded John J. McIntosh 1/12 interest in the estate of Mary's father Neill McIntosh including [1] 200 acres [2] 95 acres granted to Farquard Campbell [3] 49 acres adjoining William Barrett and Daniel McQueen [4] 80 acres located East of Richland Creek granted to Neill McLeod adjoining Ferquard Campbell, McLeod and Ritter [5] 20 acres [part of McLeod and Ritter's 100 acre grant] adjoining Samuel McIntosh and William McIntosh [6] 50 acres on Richland Creek known as part of the Davis land. Saml. J. McIntosh was a witness.

      1854, Oct 27 -- 1853-1856 County Court Minutes, Moore County, NC Page 221
      John J. McIntosh and others v. Exparte. Nevin Ray, Jesse Bean Esq., Neill Caddell, Neill Dunlap, Alex Kelly and Amos Jessup appointed to divide the land into eleven equal parts and allot to each petitioner: John J. McIntosh, Samuel McIntosh, Martha Sowell, William McIntosh and Daniel McIntosh; allow John J. McIntosh the shares drawn by Duncan McIntosh, Alexr. McIntosh, George McIntosh, Mary McCaskill and Ruthy Ann Sowell he having purchased their undivided interest; allow Wm. R. Sowell the share drawn by Christian Melton he having purchased her undivided interest.
       1. Male William McIntosh
    +  2. Male John Jackson McIntosh,   b. 11 Dec 1802,   d. 18 Jul 1870  (Age 67 years)
    Elizabeth Seawell  (Age 80 years)
    +  3. Female Christian McIntosh,   b. 1805,   d. Jul 1852  (Age 47 years)
    Robert Melton  (Age 63 years)
    +  4. Male Samuel J. McIntosh,   b. 1809,   d. Bef 1880  (Age < 70 years)
    Nancy Jackson  (Age 81 years)
    +  5. Male Duncan McIntosh,   b. 1812,   d. Bef 1900  (Age < 87 years)
       6. Female Nancy McIntosh,   b. 6 Jun 1812,   d. 5 Jan 1856  (Age 43 years)
       7. Male Alexander J. McIntosh,   b. 13 Feb 1816,   d. 23 May 1905  (Age 89 years)
    +  8. Male George Washington McIntosh,   b. 26 Feb 1818,   d. 15 Dec 1885  (Age 67 years)
    Susanna E. Ritter  (Age 70 years)
    +  9. Female Mary McIntosh,   b. 1820
    +10. Female Martha Jane McIntosh,   b. 1823,   d. 1866  (Age 43 years)
    William R. Seawell  (Age 44 years)
     11. Male Daniel McIntosh,   b. 27 Oct 1827,   d. 25 Mar 1856  (Age 28 years)
     12. Female Ruth Ann McIntosh,   b. 1829
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  • Documents
    1845 Revolutionary War Pension Application, Page 42 - William Cox
    1845 Revolutionary War Pension Application, Page 42 - William Cox

    1815 Petition Moore County NC Taxation.pdf
    1815 Petition Moore County NC Taxation.pdf
    1815 -- Petition, Nov-Dec 1815 General Assembly Session Records, Box 2 - Petitions
    The following citizens of Moore County petitioned the General Assembly regarding taxation and the valuation of property: [selected signers] John McAulay Junr., Robt, Graham, Ambrose Mainess, Leonard Furr, Jesse Ritter Senr., Allan McLane, Thos. Ritter, Jno, Ritter, Everet Ritter, Benajmin Dunn, William Wright, Alexander McIntosh, Neil McIntosh, Hector McNeill, Martin Martin, William Williamson, William Lewis, Amus Dowdy, Henry Stutts, Jams. Manes, James Morgan, Nord. Matheson, Malcolm Morison, Christopher Bethune, Norman McDuffey, Allan Morison, Alexanr. Morison, William Dunn (wet), Bartholomew Dunn Sr., Wm. Dunn, Saml. Dunn, Bartholomew Dunn Junr., John Newton, Normand McKinnon, Murdoch McAulay, Benjamin Britt, Christopher Stuts, Donald McLeod, Niel Matheson, David Richardson, Bartholo. Dun, Lewis Sowel, Melony Newton, William Sowel, Alexr. Morison, Stephen Davis, Burl Deaton, John McKinnon, Robert Melton, John Upton, John Smith, Jesse Brown, Jess Lankford, Niel McLeod, Norman McKinnon, Ansel Melton, Arington Sowel, Willis Dickinson, Thos. Dickinson, Jesse Carroll, Robert Cheek, James Cheek, Phillip Cheek, Joseph Farr, Matthais Teague, Benjn. Shields, Jno. Upton, Joseph Duckworth, John Carrel, Francis Myrick, James Harding, Willis Davis, Nathaniel Vick, Ansel Melton, John Martin, David Richardson, Harmon Brewer, Cornelius Kees, Jesse Brewer, Ambrose Brewer, Drewry Brewer, Abednego Maynor, Joseph Morgan, Alexr. Kennedy, William Hunsucker, George Kannedy, Levy Smith, George Hunsucker, Lennerd Stuts, David Caringer, James Williamson, Charles Brady, George Carringer, Jacob Carringer, Willis Brewer, Bradley Garner, Lewis Garner, John Garner, James Sowell, Georg Moore, David Kennedy, Benjamin Elkins, Adam Carpenter, Jonathan Bullock, Robert Burd, Nicholas Nall, Mikel Dickinson, Aaron Tyson, Thomas Graham (Capt.), John Overton, Ruben Shields, John Martin, George Fry, John McNeill, John Wadsworth, Wm. Feagin, Ignatious Wadsworth, Samuel Feagen, Thomas Feagen, John Carrell Junr., Benjin. Gilbert, David Overton, John Record, John Carrell Senr., Alexr. Carrell, John Gilbert, John Cheek, Joab Cheek, William Barrett JP, Wm. Cox, John Dunn, Eleazer Birckhead, Absalom Fry, John Daniely, Jesse Sowell, William Caddell, James Fry, Niel McLeod (Surveyor), Robert Graham Sen., Jason Wadsworth, Geo. Cox, John Sowell, James Holcomb, James Dowd, Jacob White, William Hardin, James Muse, Jason Muse, Benjn. Gilbert, Zachariah Smith, Thos. Muse, Kindred Muse, John Graham, Samuel Womble, James Elkins, Jas. Collins, Andrew White, Randal Cheek, Lewis Phillips, James Smith, James Handcock, Willis Elkins, Samuel Elkins, Solimon Phillips, Brother Carrell and Sterling Carrell.
    Moore County, NC DNA Project
    Moore County, NC DNA Project
    DNA Results and Analysis for Moore County families including Allen, Barrett, Bean, Brewer, Britt, Brown, Burns, Caddell, Cagle, Carpenter, Caviness, Chriscoe, Cockman, Cole, Comer, Davis, Deaton, Dunn, Furr, Garner, Hancock, Hardin, Hare, Horner, Hunsucker, Hussey, Jackson, Kennedy, Key, Kidd, Lawrence, Maness, McIntosh, McNeill, Melton, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Muse, Nall, Phillips, Richardson, Riddle, Ritter, Sanders, Seawell, Sheffield, Smith, Stewart, Stutts, Sullivan, Wallace, Welch, Williams, Williamson and Wright

  • Sources 
    1. [S117] McIntosh Genealogy [].
      Neill McIntosh (1772-1846)

      FATHER: Alexander McIntosh
      MOTHER: Mary McIntosh
      BORN: 06 JAN 1772 Old Christmas Day
      BIRTH PLACE: Isle of Skye, Scotland
      DIED: 29 JUN 1846
      INTERRED: the Old Scots Burying Ground near Carthage, North Carolina USA

      Married to Mary Jackson of Moore County, N. C. around 1799

      SON: John Jackson McIntosh born 11 DEC 1802
      DAUGHTER: Christian McIntosh Milton born 1805
      SON: William Jackson McIntosh born 1806
      DAUGHTER: Ruthey Ann McIntosh Seawell
      SON: Duncan McIntosh born 1812
      SON: Alexander J. McIntosh born 1816. Moved to Terry, Mississippi around 1860, then to Oklahoma
      SON: George Washington McIntosh born 1818
      DAUGHTER: Mary McIntosh McCaskill born 1820
      SON: Samuel McIntosh born 1820
      DAUGHTER: Martha McIntosh Seawell born 1823
      SON: Daniel McIntosh born 1830

      1830 Census Moore County, North Carolina
      1840 Census Moore County, North Carolina

      from a memoir by Duane E. McIntosh:

      Neill, born "Old Christmas Day" (January 6) 1772 on the Isle of Skye Scotland. died 29JUN 1846, age 74 years, 5 months and 23 days. Neill is buried in the Old Scots Burying Ground near Carthage. He married and settled on Richland Creek beginning about 1799, he also purchased land on McClendon's Creek. Neil McIntosh was well known in the community and considerable additonal information concerning him can be found in Rassie Wicker's "Miscellaneous Ancient Records of Moore County, N. C." Neill's wife was Mary Jackson (b.26AUG 1782, died 29MAY 1855) age 72 years, 9 months and 3 days, her grave is next to her husbands. Mary married Neill about 1799. She was the daughter of William Jackson who lived on Little Juniper Creek about 10 miles southwest of Carthage. William Jackson had a brother Samuel who also had a daughter Mary; she married Neill's brother Alexander.

      Neill and Mary had 12 children, the ages of some, I do not have. The order in which they appear does not intend to accurately indicate their order of birth. Mary was 43 years of age when she had her last child, Daniel, and "idiot". Daniel lived with his mother until she passed away.