Elijah Bettis

Male - Aft 1805

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  • Name Elijah Bettis 
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft 25 Feb 1805 
    • 1800 -- Census, Moore County, NC Page 57
      Elijah Bettis Senr.
      (45+) 1M 1F
      (16-26) 2F
      (10-16) 1M
      (0-10) 1M
      30 slaves

      1804, Mar 7 -- Land Grant #1726, Moore County, NC
      Elijah Bettis Sr. [assignee of Robert Cobb Sr. and Jr.] received 230 acres located southeast of McLendons Creek adjoining Nicholas Smith, John Overton and John Dunlap. Richard Ragsdale and Thomas Dickinson were chain carriers.

      1805, Feb 25 -- Will, Moore County, NC
      Will of Elijah Bettis Senr., Dec'd. Heirs: son Elijah Bettis Junr. [7 Negroes: Shade, Alley, Grace, Sal, James, Liz , Cris and 2 tracts of land], daughter Eleanor Rheubottom [4 Negroes: Jack, Violet, Bob, Peg and 2 tracts of land], daughter Jean Jackson [4 Negroes: Harper, Jesse, Vincy, Jack and 2 tracts of land], daughter Sally Alston [5 Negroes: Simon, Mingo, Nancy, Esther, Amey and a tract of land], daughter Lovely [6 Negroes: Jincy, Lucy, Jonah, Charity, Ben and Phoebe (daughter of Charity)], two youngest sons Overton Bettis and Ransom Bettis. Executor: wife Amey Bettis and three sons Elijah, Overton and Ransom. Witnesses: A.M. McBryde, M. McKenzie, John Stinson and J.D. Logan.
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    Father Elijah Bettis 
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    Family Amy Overton  [1
    +1. Eleanor Bettis,   d. c1809
     2. Jean Bettis
     3. Sally Bettis
     4. Lovely Bettis
     5. Elijah Bettis,   b. 1760-1770
     6. Ranson Sutherland Bettis,   b. 14 Nov 1787, Moore County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 31 Mar 1842  (Age 54 years)
     7. Overton Bettis,   b. 1780-1790
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  • Histories
    1784 Petition, Cumberland County, NC - Creation of Moore County
    1784 Petition, Cumberland County, NC - Creation of Moore County
    Apr 1784 - Jun 1784 General Assembly Session Records, Box 3 Folder 41

    A Bill for dividing Cumberland County into two distinct Counties and for the other purposes therein mentioned.

    In H. Commons 3 May 1785. Read for the first time and passed by order. 13 May 1784 read the second time amended and passed.

    In Senate May 3rd 1784. Read the first time and passed by order. 4th May 1784 read the second time amended by consent of the Commons passed and order to be engrossed.

    To the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina now setting. The petition pf the Inhabitants of Cumberland County have now showeth. Whereas your petitioners living in the Upper End of the said County do labour under great hardship in attending on Courts and Other Public meetings from their remote situation from the Court House, many of whom being upwards of sixty miles there from, do Humbly pray that the said County may be Divided To Wit: Beginning on the South Side of Cape Fare River, at Chatham County line where it crosses sd. River running from thence a direct course to Coles Bridge on Drowning Creek, And so to be bounded by the lines of the Adjacent Countys as to make a Distinct County, Nevertheless on to the Boundaries your petitioners most Humbly Submiths to your great Wisdom to which they ever think themselves in duty bound to pray.

    Jas. Burges, Thos. Armstrong, James Dyer, Wm. Armstrong, John Armstrong, Michl. King, Charles Crawford [Capt.], Wm. Cox [Capt.], Wm. Seale, John Overton, John Overton Junr., John Phillips, Wm. Harden, John James, Elijah Bettis, Isaac Hardain, Joseph Furr, Nathl. Norwood, [torn] Hunnicutt, [torn] Dickinson, [torn] Collins, Theopilus Petty, John Hunnicutt, James Maples, Burrel Maples, Daniel Munk, Thos. Collins Jur., Ralph Davis, John Goldston, Martin Dye, Stephen Collons, George Nelson, Abraham Cole, Duncan Johnson, John Camron, Kenneth Camron, Archibald Munk, Thos. Gilmore, Kinchin Kitching, Stephen King [? very faded], Josiah Maples, Matthew Kitching, John Evans, William Kitching, John Cox, Joseph Fry, Johnathan Caddell, Richardson Feagin, John Jackson, Neil McLeod, Danl. Jones, Solomon Cox, James Wadsworth, James Hill, Jac. Caddell, Donald Makensey, George Grimes, Thomas Graham, John Ritter, Jacob Stuts, John Stuts, Eleck Autry, Frederick Autry, John Minyerd, Ritcherd Burd, Robert Burd, James Autray, Christopher Yow, John Leech, Angush Cambell, William Barrett Junior, Colin McLain, John Shufeild Junier, John Hair, Reubin Fremon, William Elmore, James Morgan, Peter (looks more like Frances) Hair, Lues Fels [Lewis Fields?], Donald McLeod, Norman McLeod, Normand McLean, Hector McLain, John Bohanan, Kenneth McDonald, Wm. Cox, Danold McKinnon [?], William Dunn, Thomas Dunn, John Keys, Moses Keyes, William [torn], Henry [torn], Bartholomew Dunn [torn but listed twice in a row ? likely Sr. and Jr.], Allan [torn ? likely Morrison], Norman [torn], Hart. Hunnicutt, John Dunlap, Benjamin Sheales, John Blanchet, William Dunn, Adam Keeling, John Blachett Junr., Robt. Davis, Willm. Martin Junr., Thos Tyson, John Carrell, Anthony Street, James Thorton, Charles Seale, Collins Hardy, Jacob Hardy, Jun., John Kenney, William Cockerham, Solomon Jones, Jacob Hardy, John Hunnicutt Ser., Thos. Maples, Jeremiah Collon, Thos. Agerton, Wm. McKinzie, Wm. Hodges, Edmon Hodges, Joseph Duckworth, Charles Campbell, Drurey Hodges, Anguish McDugal, Jason Wadsworth, James Morgin, James Caddell, Aaron Fagens, John Paitt, James Wadworth, James Muse, Duncan McIntosh, Alexr. McDonald, Anthony Mears, James Simmons, Jhon Warner, Jesse Muse, John Hurley, Thomas Seale, William Morgan, John Morgin, William Morgan Senr., Jesse Ritter, Robert Stephens, Samuel Tidwell, Ansil Melton, Nathaniel Melton, John Adkins, William Barrett, Solomon Barrett, Archibald McDonald, William Ashaly, [Jesse?] Bates, William Smith, John McLane, Richard [Nales?], Peter Shamburger, Wm. McLean, Thomas Grimes, Donald McLeod, Allan Martin, Donald McDonald, Donald McLeod, Murdock Betheun, Alexender Mckeever, John McCauly, Angush McAuly, John Kagel, Gorge Kagel, Nathan Maner, William Maner, Seth Maner, George Keringer, William Williamson, John Williamson, Robert Grimes, Nichlos Newton, Francis Tedwell, Samuel Barrett, William Smith, Nichlos Wallas, Lannard Furr, Nathan Smith, Everet Smith, Isum Smith, Henry Jackson, James Ledlow, Adam Comer, Leonard Cagel, Roger Cagel, William Constable and Peter Garner.

    [Editor's Note: Many of the names are faded, torn and hard to read. Some are actual signatures or marks and clearly multiple names have been signed by one individual]

    A Bill for dividing Cumberland County into two distinct Counties.
    Whereas the County of Cumberland is so extensive that it is extremely inconvenient for the inhabitants to attends courts and public meetings. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina and it is hereby enacted by the Authority of the same that from and after fourth day of July next the County of Cumberland shall be divided into two distinct Counties by a line beginning at Coles Bridge on drowning creek thence a direct line to the corner of Wake and Johnston Counties in Cumberland line and all that part of Cumberland laying to the north west of the new line shall be a separate and distinct county by the name of Moor County and [be it enacted by the authority afore said] hat the lower part of Cumberland County laying south east of said line shall be a separate and distinct county and known by the name of Fayette County and be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid that nothing herein contained shall be construed to debar the sheriff and Collector of taxes or other officers or any of them in the said county of Cumberland as it stood undivided from levying any collections or making districts for any taxes fees or other duties that may be due from the inhabitants thereof on or before the fourth day of July next in the same manner as if this act had never been made any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

    And be enacted by the authority aforesaid that the Courts for the County of Fayette be held at the place where the courts of Cumberland County are at present established on the fourth Monday in January April July and October in every year and that the Courts for the County of Moore hereafter shall be held at such place within the said County as the Commissioner herein after named shall appoint on the fourth Monday in February May August November in every year and that all causes please writs actions suits plaints process precepts recognizances and other matters and things in the Court of Cumberland depending from and immediately after the first day of August next shall stand adjourned and continued from the present Court House of the said County to such place as the said Commissioners or a majority of them shall direct and appoint as aforesaid and all appearances and returns which shall be made on the days appointed by law for holding in the said court of Cumberland shall hereafter be made to the first Court that shall be held for that county wherein the cause of action arose and all suitors and witnesses bound to appear there of in the same manner as if the said court had not been removed from the present Court House any law usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

    And be it also enacted by the authority aforesaid that Thomas Matthews, John Roberson, Willis Dickerson, Philip Alston and John Jackson or the majority of them shall be and hereby appointed Commissioner and impowered and directed to agree with workmen for erecting and building a Courthouse prison and stocks for the use of said County of Moor and for purchasing materials for that purpose and for enabling the said Commissioners to defray the expenses of said building a tax of one Shilling on every hundred pounds of taxable property within the said County of Moor as the same is established by this act and an equal sum on every unmarried man not possessed of the value of one Hundred pounds shall be levied and collected in the same manner as public taxes are or shall be levied and collected and all person who shall refuse or neglect to pay the taxes, by this Act impose upon them at the time and in the manner which is or shall be appointed by law for the payment of public taxes shall be liable to disthis [?] and sale of their property in the same manner as for non payment of public taxes and it is further declared that the said tax shall be collected by the officer or officers who is or may be appointed to collect the public taxes and such officer or officers shall give security to the said Commissioners for the faithfull discharge of his or their duty and shall be intitled to the same Commissions and liable to the same penalties restrictions process and remedy for enforcing the payment thereof as by law my be had against collectors or receivers of public monies.

    And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the County Courts of Moore and Fayette shall nominate the following number of freeholders to serve as jurors of the Superior County for the District of Wilmington of which district the said Counties are hereby declared to be part that is to say for County of Boston [should be Moore] and for the County of Fayette any law or statute to the contrary notwithstanding and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that for running the dividing line Thomas Matthews & Jno Adkins be and they are duly appointed commissioners and imposed to lay off run and make the said dividing line agreeable to the direction of this act which said line when run by the Commissioners herein named shall be by them entered of record in the courts of the counties of which the said lines to be boundary and shall hereafter be deemed the dividing line between said counties.

  • Sources 
    1. [S145] Ancestry.com users [tfcinm and twgoode].
      On page 283 of Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri (1888), it says, "In 1806, Elijah, Ransom, and Overton Bettis, brothers, and their brothers-in-law, Ezekiel Rubottom, Elijah Mathews and ______ Alston, came from North Carolina. Elijah Bettis located where Mrs. White now lives, and Overton Bettis near the site of Wellsdale. Ransom Bettis, in 1811, married Polly Kelly, and lived where John F. Rhodes now does. Overton Bettis was a bachelor. All were men of considerable property, and owned slaves. . . This settlement was far from any trading point, and did not grow very rapidly. Up to 1818 the territory now known as Wayne County formed St. Francois Township of Cape Girardeau County, and in 1809 it was reported to the county court that no roads had yet been laid off within it." In December 1818 an act was passed for erecting the southwest part of the county of Cape Girardeau and the eastern part of the county of Lawrence. The new county was named Wayne, and because of its great size, was sometimes called the "State of Wayne." The commissioners appointed to fix upon a site for the public buildings were Overton Bettis, James Logan, Solomon Bollinger, William Street, and Ezekiel Rubottom.
      During his lifetime Ezekiel Rubottom served in the State Legislature, was a County Court Judge, and served as a Justice of the Peace. Like his brother Simon Rubottom, Ezekiel was a blacksmith and gunsmith by trade. It is likely that their father Thomas Rubottom worked in this same occupation and taught his sons the trade. Ezekiel was a Mason, a lifelong Democrat, and had considerable influence in his community.

      Index of North Carolina Ancestors Contributed by 1003 of Their Descendants, North Carolina Genealogical Society, 1980. Contributed by Thomas William Rubottom, Houston, Texas. Page: p. 169.
      Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri, 1888. Washington, DC: 1964 Ramfre Reprint. Page: p. 1144.
      Rubottom, Thomas W. "Bicentennial Series: The Rubottom Family, Early Area Settlers," The Journal-Banner.

      Ezekiel married (1) Eleanor BETTIS daughter of Elijah BETTIS. Eleanor was born in 1772 in Moore Co., Nc. She died in 1809 in Wayne Co., Mo.