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Williams Family Cemetery (Photo 3)

Status: Located

Date13 Mar 2011
Linked toMoore County, NC at Williams Cemetery #230

Williams Family, Robbins, Moore, NC, USA

Notes: The is a family cemetery on private land and is not accessible to the public. There are 12-15 clearly defined burial sites located on a ridge. As customary, the burial sites start at the top of the ridge and then proceed down slope. This family cemetery possesses only two legible tombstones with the date of death in 1821 and 1825. There are 4-6 possible burial sites closer to the top of the ridge than these graves indicating that the cemetery is quite older than 1821.

There is only one professionally made tombstone while the remaining stones are either field stones or a type of slate or flint marker that due to age and type of stone they are now illegible. Susanna Williams, wife of J.W., is buried here and is listed as having been born in 1782 and died in 1825. She is thought to have been the daughter in law of George Williams (d.1797) as this cemetery is located on George's original 50 acre land grant. George has two sons, James and Jeremiah that could have been the husband of Susanna. Very little is known about James Williams. Jeremiah Williams is believed to have been married twice - first to Florence DeLaney and secondly to Elizabeth Wallace. The property owners in the 1970's reported to Tony Parker that that they believed Jeremiah Williams was buried there as well. If this is indeed true, chances are that his first wife may have been Susanna instead of Florence DeLaney.

Only one of the additional stones is partially readable. The name is not discernible due to the poor condition of the stone but the birth and death are listed as 178(?) and 1821. The burial site also has a foot marker inscribed with the date 1821. The HRW inscribed on the stone were the initials of an individual who carved his name into the stone during the twentieth century.

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