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1881 Orders and Decrees Book 2 Page 108/109, Moore County, NC - Thomas Brown et al v. Nathaniel Brown et al

Court case involving heirs of Jesse Brown Sr., dec'd. While the following court case doesn't expressly mention Jesse Brown and occurs roughly 50 years after his death - it appears to list a large number if not all of his living descendants.

1881, Aug/Sep -- Order & Decrees, Moore County, NC Book 2, Page 108-109

Probate Court, Moore County, NC
Thomas Brown & others vs. Nathaniel Brown & others

This cause coming on to be heard upon the Pet. of Plaintiff and affidavits filed and the same being heard by one the Court doth declare that the Pets. and Defendants in the Pet. in this case are tenants in common of nine hundred acres of land in said county on the waters of Bear & Cabin Creek specified in said Pet.

That is to say Thomas Brown and Aaron Brown 1/18 part thereof

E.S.Brown, Anabeth Kennedy, Deborah Maness and Edmond Brown 1/72 part each

S.E. Mainess, L.A. Brown, Margaret Brown and Jane Brown (heirs Bailey) 1/288 each

Heirs Noah Brown viz Missouri Brown & Enoch Brown 1/144 each

Heirs of Henry Brown viz J.A. Brown, Martha A. Brown, B.C. Brown, W.R. Brown, L.O. Brown, Julia C. Brown, Dorcus M. Brown, Alexander Brown, M.C. Brown and Thomas Brown 1/720 each

Heirs of John Brown viz Nancy Brown, Robert Brown, William Brown, Jesse Brown, P.S. Brown, Thomas Brown Jr. & Nathaniel Brown 1/63 each

Heirs of Isah [Brown] [viz] Wm. Brown, Martha Brown, Telitha Brown, Malvina Gordon, Franey Burns, Angy Brown, Mary Brown, Anna Brown 1/72 each

Heirs at law of Jesse Brown viz Temperance Smith, Dolly Smith, Nancy Graham, Isaac Brown, Elizabeth Britt 1/54 each

Heirs of Mary Williamson viz Jesse Williamson, Kelly Williamson, Hiram Williamson, 1/270 each

Heirs of Isaac Williamson viz Isabella Craven, M. Williamson, Calvin Williamson 1/810

Heirs of Margaret Williams viz John Williams & Wright Williams 1/540 each

Heir of Nancy Owen viz Mary Smith 1/9 part of said land

The Court doth further declare that actual partition of said land cannot possibly be made without inquiry to the parties interested. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed that the clerk of court A.H. McNeill after thirty days advertisement in the Moore Index a newspaper published in the Town of Carthage and at three public place in said county and at the Court House door in the Town of Carthage proceed to sell said land to the highest bidder in the Town of Carthage at public auction on the following terms viz one half cash and the balance on a credit of six months both bond and approved security and report to this court without delay.

A.H. McNeill, CoC & Judge of Probate
[no date given but case before and after were dated August 27, 1881 and September 7, 1881]

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