William Cagle

Male 1788 - 1860  (~ 75 years)


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Map of John "Dutchman" Cagle and his brothers/descendants' neighborhood in Moore County, NC on Bear, Cabin, Flag and Buffalo Creeks

Highlighted tracts include land granted to or purchased by: John "Dutchman" Cagle [YELLOW], his brothers George Cagle, David Cagle and Charles Cagle [PURPLE]; John's sons: William Cagle, George Cagle and John Cagle [each a different shade of BLUE]; and John's grandsons [sons of George Cagle]: John Cagle and Isaac Cagle [GREEN]

Linked toCharles Cagle; David "Johan Theobald Kegel" Cagle; George Cagle; George Cagle; Isaac Cagle; John Cagle; John "Dutchman" Cagle; John M. Cagle; William Cagle

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