John "Dutchman" Cagle

Male Bef 1734 - Bef 1799  (~ 65 years)


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Moore County, NC DNA Project

DNA Results and Analysis for Moore County families including Allen, Barrett, Bean, Brewer, Britt, Brown, Burns, Caddell, Cagle, Carpenter, Caviness, Chriscoe, Cockman, Cole, Comer, Davis, Deaton, Dunn, Furr, Garner, Hancock, Hardin, Hare, Horner, Hunsucker, Hussey, Jackson, Kennedy, Key, Kidd, Lawrence, Maness, McIntosh, McNeill, Melton, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Muse, Nall, Phillips, Richardson, Riddle, Ritter, Sanders, Seawell, Sheffield, Smith, Stewart, Stutts, Sullivan, Wallace, Welch, Williams, Williamson and Wright

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