John Monroe and Mary Deaton Family Papers

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  • Short Title John Monroe and Mary Deaton Family Papers 
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    Text The Bible of John and Mary Deaton Monroe
    The following entries are from the family Bible used by both John and Mary Deaton Monroe and John C. and Bettie Sewell Monroe. The entries appear to have been made by one or two people at different times (using different color inks) apparently at or near the time of the event. Several dates which are confirmable by other sources are alI also accurate.

    Source: Private Collection. Microfilm of originals are available in the North Carolina State Archives, Moore County Records, Deaton-Monroe Family Papers.

    William Johnson Munroe was born the 14 march 1844
    John C Calhoun Munroe was born the 25 July 1846
    Lauchlin A Munroe was born the 9 May 1848
    Robert Walker Munroe was born the 30 May 1850
    Sarah Ann Munroe was born March the 6th 1853
    Lauchlin Deaton Munroe was born the 29 July 1895
    (Note the sudden change in spelling!)
    Cornelius Claudy Monroe was born the 26 March 1897
    Ellis Fairly Monroe was Born January the 26 1903
    John Munroe was born the 24 Feby 1802
    Mary Deaton was born the 20 Oct 1808
    James Hamilton Munroe was born the 15th November 1832
    Amanda Jane Munroe was born the 6th February 1834
    Malcom L J Munroe was born the 5th August 1835
    Benjamin Franklin Munroe was born the 29 may 1837
    Andrew Jackson Munroe was born the 13th April 1839
    Levi Deaton Munroe was born the 6th October 1840
    Mary Catharine Munroe was born the 13 March 1843
    Mary Alice Munroe was born the 17 October 1880
    Christian Annette Munroe was born the 10 April 188?
    William Talmage Munroe was born the 16 February 1884
    Robert Hill Munroe was born the 2 July 1885
    John Westly Monroe was born the 22 February 1887
    Archable Alexander Munroe was born the 29 November 1888
    Daniel Alton Monroe was born the 3 July 1890
    Amanda Jane Munroe was born the 4 November 1892

    James Hamilton died the 26th January 1833
    Andrew Jackson Munroe died the 4th June 1839
    Wm Johnson Munroe was killed at Petersburg Va August 4th 1864
    Levi Deaton Munroe was killed at Petersburg Va March 26th 1865
    John Monroe died the 25 of January 1877
    Mary C Shuffield died the 28 the of january 1880
    Mary Munroe died the 18th June 1896
    Robert Hill Monroe died the 20th June 1887
    Archable A Monroe died the 14th July 1889

    John Munroe & Mary Deaton was maried the 9th February 1832
    Malcom L.J. Munroe & Mary Ann Miller was maried the 21 Novr. 1861
    Amanda J. Munroe & Henry B Currie was maried the 4 February 1867
    Mary C. Munroe & Elijah Shuffield was maried the 27 Feby 1873
    Benjamin F. Monroe & Mary J Brewer was maried the ?

    Miscellaneous Records
    Although not part of the Family Bible, these notes were made by either Mary Vassar Deaton or her daughter, Mary Deaton Monroe. They were made in the same ledger book in which the women kept the estate records of Levi Deaton and Andrew Graham.

    July the 28 then died Munroe 1863
    Feby 12th 1863 John Munroe went to Goldsboro
    Feby 13th 1863 Gerome Burns died
    April 7th 1864 Archd. Campbell & Jennet Mc?? maried
    June 1st 1864 Francis Munroe died
    June 2nd 1864 Wm R Reddin died
    June 19 Ia. C Munroe was killed in trenches at Petersburg Va.
    " 21 1864 Cornelius Matheson was killed in trenches Petersburg
    " 19 1864 J N Copeland was killed Do Do Do
    August 4 1864 Wm. J Munroe was killed at Petersburg Va
    Dec 9 1864 J C Munroe joined the 2nd Batalion NC Calvary at Fayetteville
    March 11 1865 Neill Kennedy died of wounds in hospital Richmond Va
    March 26 1865 L.D. Munroe was killed at Petersburg Va
    Oct 31 1865 Sunday a fair plesant day
    Jany 10 1867 Snow on the ground for three weeks to day cloudy
    Decr 10 1867 Mary Deaton died
    Decr 1 1867 Delila Cole died her child died Decr 14 1867
    Jany 5 1868 B F & J C Munroe come home from Richmond Va
    1867 Jn Munroe taught school three month in the fall of 1867
    Jany 7 Jn Munroe cut his knee with the axe
    Feby 6 Danl C Campbell & June McC Copeland was maried
    Feby 15 John Kennedy died
    Henry B Currie and Amanda D Munroe maried ?
    John Cagle died July 1869 Ia Bryant died July 11
    Col. John Morrison died May 12th 1870
    May 27/70 a clowdy rainy day I wrote a letter to J C Munroe Laurinburg
    Robt W Munroe went to texas Jany 1871
    Isabel Sowel died Feby 5 1875
    Levi Deaton & Nancy Sowel was married
    Margaret Deaton died Sept 17 1847
    Sarah Smith died the 10 October 1847
    Negro Buie died the 10 October 1847
    Angus Morison (Esq) died the 13 July 1848
    Angus Chisholm died the 25 July 1848
    James Morgan died the 26 July 1848
    James Runnils died the 17 June 1849
    Elizabeth Morison died in June 1851
    Noah Brett & Elizabeth Brewer maried 16 Septr 1852
    Angus McInnon died the 6 July 1852
    Duncan M Kenedy & Mary McInnon maried on the 30 December 1852
    M Yarborough & Debora Deaton maried on the 6 Jany 1853
    Lockey Deaton died on the 17th June 1853
    Andrew Graham died on the 21 July 1853
    4 Augt 1853 G. Cole beat J. Morison for S.C. Clerk 357 votes
    Arington & Noah Britt Moved west Nov 5 1853
    Oct 5th 1854 Alan Monroe & Margaret Morison maried
    Oct 15th 1854 Wm. S Patterson & Lovidy Graham maried
    Oct 3rd 1854 Elisha Cole & Delila Chavis maried
    July the 5th 1857 L. B. Munroe & Sarah C Calhoun maried
    July the 25th 1857 Lachlin Britt & Miss Freeman maried
    July the 27th 1857 M.L.J Munroe commenced work with W Lewis
    Augt 17th 1857 Jack McRae's wife died
    Augt ? 1857 A S Moody died
    Jas Gallin & Mary Morison Maried April 11 1859
    Ann Kennedy died April 10 1859
    Reuben Reynolds April 1859
    Nelson Parish & Margaret Jones maried 7 Sept 1859
    Raleigh Davis & Elizabeth Allan Decr 2 1859
    Hector McInzie & Christian McKaskill maried 8 May 1860
    Thomas Richerson & Margaret McKaskill maried 8 May 1860
    Linked to Jerome G. Burns
    John M. Cagle
    Delitha Chavis
    John N. Copeland
    Lockey Deaton
    Andrew Graham
    John Kennedy
    Cornelius Matheson
    Angus McKinnon
    Ann McKinnon
    Isabella McNeill
    Levi Deaton Monroe
    William Johnson Monroe
    Anderson S. Moody
    James Pleasant Morgan
    Family: William S. Patterson / Lovedy Graham
    Family: John Calhoun Monroe / Margaret Elizabeth Seawell
    Family: Zachariah Britt / Elizabeth "Betsy" Freeman
    Family: Noah L. Britt / Elizabeth Brewer
    Family: John Monroe / Mary Deaton
    Family: Raleigh Davis / Margaret Ann Elizabeth Allen
    Family: Duncan McKellar Kennedy / Mary J. McKinnon
    Family: Lauchlin Bethune Monroe / Sarah Catherine Calhoun
    Family: Elisha Cole / Delitha Chavis
    Family: Thomas Richardson / Margaret Ann McCaskill
    Family: Henry B. Currie / Amanda Jane Monroe
    Family: Benjamin Fuller Monroe / Mary Jane Brewer
    Family: Allen Morrison / Margaret Morrison
    Family: Daniel B. Campbell / Jane A. Mc. Copeland
    Family: Elijah Stephen Sheffield / Mary Catherine "Kate" Monroe
    Family: Hector McKenzie / Christian McCaskill
    Family: Malcolm L. J. Monroe / Mary Ann Miller
    Family: Archibald "Archie" Campbell / Jennett McIver
    Family: Nelson H. Parrish / Margaret Jones