Maxine Riddle Sanders Motsinger

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  • Short Title Maxine Riddle Sanders Motsinger 
    Source ID S231 

  • Photos
    Plank Road School students circa 1925
    Artemus Caddell, Martha Sullivan and Mary Ann Caddell
    Jane Hammock/Hancock Riddle
    Edward McIntosh
    Betsey Henley
    Cornelius Dowd Caddell and Artemus S. Caddell
    Cicero Sullivan
    Jennie Riddle 2
    Jane McIntosh
    Earl Riddle and Roy Riddle
    Cornelius Dowd Caddell and Catherine Kitty McIntosh
    Martha Sullivan Caddell, William Caddell Riddle and Mary Ann Caddell Riddle
    Jennie Riddle
    Joe Pugh and Mary McIntosh
    Elizabeth Riddle Crabtree daughter of Ralph Riddle
    William L. Sullivan
    Mary Ann Caddell and Robert Lee Riddle
    Mary McIntosh
    John McIntosh
    Mary Ann Caddell Riddle and children
    Neill George McIntosh and Ida E Deal
    J.W. Bean
    Mary Ann Caddell Riddle as a baby
    Henry Riddle son of Crockett Riddle
    Maudie Hicks, daughter of Stella Riddle
    Ralph Riddle and Ola Hicks
    Plank Road School students circa 1911/1912
    Ralph Riddle2
    Reynolds Mill
    Unknown Male
    Richard Riddle
    Unknown group
    Robert Lee Riddle and Mary Ann Caddell wedding day
    William Caddell Riddle2
    Robert Lee Riddle on wedding
    Robert Lee Riddle
    William Caddell Riddle
    Ralph Riddle
    Rainey G. Phillips
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