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Catherine Martin McDonald to John McNeill Aug 1846
Catherine Martin McDonald to John McNeill Aug 1846
1846, Aug 25 -- Personal Correspondence
Catherine M. McDonald of Shelby County, TN to John McNeill, Gold Region, Moore County, NC. Mr. John McNeill: These lines will let you know that we are well myself Father [John McDonald] & sister Ann [McDonald] are at this time at cousin Phillip McNeills sister Ann [McDonald] stays mostly at cousin R. McIvers the connections are all well. Father has lost the sight of one of his eyes and is getting very infirm Cousin S. McNeill was at cousin Phillips [McNeill] about twelve months ago and we have not heard from him since he was there in Louisiana he has not got our money from Uncle [Simon] Murchison yet and I expect never will. Cousin John if you please I want you to inquire of Angus McAskill if he is in North Carolina, yet what part of Georgia cousin John McDonald is living in also where I should direct a letter to him. I want to write to him to come after Father for we have had to stay with cousin P. McNeill til I am not only ashamed but mortified about it he is the only friend we have had in this country - and he has got a very large family of his own - if you please answer these lines as soon as possible so that I can write to cousin John McDonald whenever I receive your answer. Give my love to Aunt [Isabella] McNeill and tell her that I very much regret ever leaving N Carolina. I have nothing to write that would interest you Father & Sister Ann joins me in sending there love to you. All yours with respect. Catherine M McDonald. [Editor's Note: Original letter in possession of Mac Clabaugh, The Villages, FL] 
  15 Sep 2020


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Kennedy, William H. 
b. 5 Feb 1797  Moore County, NC  25 Sep 2020
Kennedy, John A. 
b. 31 Oct 1790  Moore County, NC  25 Sep 2020
Smith, Anderson B. 
b. 1780-1790   25 Sep 2020
Person, Thomas 
b. Between 1790 and 1794   25 Sep 2020
Lakey, James 
b. 1775-1784   25 Sep 2020
Hunsucker, William 
b. 1775   25 Sep 2020
Perry, Stephen 
b. 1790   25 Sep 2020
Brewer, Drury 
b. Bef 1755   25 Sep 2020
Brewer, Howell 
b. Bef 1765   25 Sep 2020
Stutts, Leonard 
b. 1765   25 Sep 2020

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 I30588  John Phillips  I38557  Patience    25 Sep 2020
 I32655  Samuel Griffin  I32656  Rebecca Smith  28 Jul 1812  25 Sep 2020
 I26836  Alexander Leach  I28228  Christian Blue  5 Mar 1812  25 Sep 2020
 I04503  William B. Richardson  I29597  Margaret Blake    25 Sep 2020
 I14959  Thomas Andrew Yow  I49814  Mollie Tarleton  27 Mar 1913  24 Sep 2020
 I39541  Phillip Cheek        23 Sep 2020
 I04198  Peter Shamburger  I04199  Elizabeth Meyers    21 Sep 2020
 I20828  Andrew Auman  I20827  Mary Cagle    21 Sep 2020
 I49801  John Slack  I49798  Maria Margaretha Auman  Sep 1789  21 Sep 2020
 I49800  George Luther  I49799  Elizabeth Auman  Jun 1779  21 Sep 2020