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James Bailey Caddell, Mary Clementine Maness and family
James Bailey Caddell, Mary Clementine Maness and family
[L-R] Robert Caddell, Spinks Caddell(holding Robert), Eva Augusta Caddell Helms(standing), Mishie Caddell Honeycutt(standing on porch), Jim Caddell (seated left on step), Andres Arteris Williams(seated center on step), Alice Caddell Maness(seated right on step), Clement Caddell(standing boy on porch), James Bailey Caddell, Mary Clementine Maness Caddell, Bascom Caddell(standing right side on porch), Lillie Caddell(standing right side on porch), Margaret Caddell Sherill (standing on ground to the left), Florence Annie Caddell Thornton(standing right - white dress) 
  24 Nov 2020
Benjamin Harrison Wallace (young)
Benjamin Harrison Wallace (young)
  22 Nov 2020
Kizzie Gordon Murray
Kizzie Gordon Murray
  19 Nov 2020
Claude Cleveland Wallace
Claude Cleveland Wallace
Husband of Annie Mae Maness and son of Isham Wallace and Flora Britt 
  7 Nov 2020


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Langley, D.F. 
   25 Nov 2020
Langley, G.R. 
   25 Nov 2020
Presley, F. 
   25 Nov 2020
Presley, J. 
   25 Nov 2020
Jackson, Z.R. 
   25 Nov 2020
Helms, C.C. 
   24 Nov 2020
Helms, W.M. Sr. 
   24 Nov 2020
Honeycutt, . 
   24 Nov 2020
Caddell, Artie Peoples "Mishie" 
b. 23 Sep 1881   24 Nov 2020
Thornton, . 
   24 Nov 2020

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I704  G.R. Langley  I703  F. Presley    25 Nov 2020
 I702  J. Presley  I35681  Z.R. Jackson    25 Nov 2020
 I01013  Charles Helms  I00993  Eva Augusta Caddell    24 Nov 2020
 I699  . Honeycutt  I01002  Artie Peoples "Mishie" Caddell    24 Nov 2020
 I698  . Thornton  I00994  Annie Cornelia Florence Caddell    24 Nov 2020
 I08259  Edward Clinton Maness  I11072  Zula Blanche Williams    24 Nov 2020
 I696  Jesse Blackwelder McQuay  I697  Eleanor Lucille Maness  14 Dec 1936  24 Nov 2020
 I16333  Albert Newton "Bert" Stutts  I695  Edith Rose McDonald    24 Nov 2020
 I694  Walter Joseph Bilyeu  I16332  Maggie Ann Stutts    24 Nov 2020
 I693  . Fitzgibbon  I692  S. Golden    24 Nov 2020